H.G. Chissell is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Energy Group.  Previously, H.G Chissell served as Chief Commercial Officer at GridMarket and Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Viridity Energy, a software/service firm focused on virtual power generation and advanced energy optimization. Mr. Chissell was with Viridity Energy from its beginning in 2009, leading the company’s growth of MWs under management and strategic expansion throughout PJM, NYISO and ERCOT across all key verticals. Key accomplishments include the first behind-the-meter frequency regulation battery project in PJM, first 1 MW behind-the-meter battery project in Chicago, first full spectrum DR battery project in New York City and multi-site EV2Grid project with the Pentagon in PJM and ERCOT.

Mr. Chissell graduated from Swarthmore College, studied architecture at Drexel University and received his accreditation as a LEED AP.  Mr. Chissell focuses on advanced business solutions and partnerships, specifically with the DOD, cities, portfolio real estate companies, energy storage integrators, and utilities.

H.G. Chissell has served as Advisory Board member for the Energy Storage Association, Energy Storage North America, Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum and as facilitator for the ConEdison Energy Storage Working Group, Microgrid Knowledge Conference 2018 and Energy Thought Summit 2017. In 2014, Mr. Chissell received the Federal Energy and Water Management Award for his work with US Army base Fort Meade and American Water.

Prior to Viridity Energy, Mr. Chissell led a sustainability/energy team at Gap International, a global consulting firm specializing in breakthrough leadership.  Mr. Chissell began his commercial career at RDLA, a healthcare architecture firm in Philadelphia.

H.G. Chissell is also the Managing Director of Advanced Energy Agency, a consulting services firm that provides consulting, market strategy, event facilitation and media services.


Vishant Kothari.JPG

Vishant Kothari graduated with a Masters in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. He has lived in India, Ukraine, Netherlands and the Philippines and has worked in international business development and innovation. Vishant is also an alumnus of AIESEC International. His mechanical engineering background gives him the skills and understanding to contribute constructively to a wide variety of challenges. He has traveled to over 30 countries and led multiple teams around the world. He is passionate about investigating energy and data to develop smart, sustainable, and resilient cities. When he's not talking about improving cities, Vishant can be found composing music, guzzling hot chocolate with Netflix or exploring his new home, New York City.

Bridget Hardy, Lead Fellow, chicago


Bridget is a renewable energy services professional and sustainability consultant. She currently consults for Inova Energy Group, advising energy clients on marketing and training projects. Most recently she supported the Army Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) renewable energy resilience portfolio strategy in Washington, DC. Bridget supported the construction and operation of approximately 200 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy development on Army installations in the last two and a half years, in addition to 50+ MW of battery, combined heat and power, natural gas, and battery and controls project opportunity development. She has also worked with the City of Lake Forest, IL to develop a strategic Sustainability Plan to include renewable energy pilot projects, community solar, and energy savings. Bridget received her Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University Earth Institute and her Bachelor of Science degree in environmental studies from the University of Southern California.


Isabella Suarez

Isabella is completing her graduate degree in Global Affairs, with concentration in Energy & Environmental Policy, at New York University. Born and raised in the Philippines, she focuses on energy security and economics with regards to resource adequacy and climate change. Her experiences are largely in strategic development and sustainability; she is a co-founder of a UN-funded, social enterprise that connects urban poor communities to markets. Currently, she serves on the board of the Women in Global Affairs - New York Chapter. Isabella also has a B.S. in Legal Management and a minor in Literature from one of her country’s top universities.

Marc Gaulier, Lead Fellow, San Francisco

Marc Gaulier

Marc is currently working on his Master of Science in Energy Systems Management at the University of San Francisco. Most recently, Marc worked as a mechanical engineer at ZeroBase Energy, a microgrid design and development company. There, he worked with an array of customers from the government, commercial/industrial, and nonprofit sectors in designing and fabricating dozens of solar + storage containerized off-grid microgrid systems. Prior to that, Marc lived in Myanmar for two years, working first with Proximity Designs, designing low-cost agricultural technologies for rural populations. After that, he was involved with microgrids with Indigo Energy, and built a pilot project in the rural Irrawaddy district of Myanmar. Marc received a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University.