Janet Martin, Director Network Transformation, Verizon

On May 24, 2018, New York Advanced Energy held its stakeholder breakfast at Duane Morris. The event brought AEG’s stakeholder members together to discuss the topics of Smart Buildings and Grid Modernization.

In this edition of the AEG podcast, Janet Martin, Director of Network Transformation at Verizon, presented her company’s new project for swapping copper wires for fiber optics throughout New York City. This was part of push for continued network improvement to contribute to grid modernization and power savings – copper wires have become uneconomical. She talked about the challenging task of installing fiber optics that are robust and sustainable. Janet discussed smart city opportunities with the public and private sector, substantial energy savings, the regulatory environment, and an increasing customer demand. With the goal of replacing 1 million copper wires, Verizon has laid out a comprehensive plan and its success requires working closely with building owners.

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