Sadzi Martha Oliva, Commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission

On March 1, 2018, Chicago Advanced Energy held its stakeholder breakfast at the offices of Holland & Knight. The event brought AEG’s stakeholder members to discuss the topics of Energy Resiliency and Critical Infrastructure.

This installment of the AEG Podcast features Sadzi Martha Oliva, Commissioner of the Illinois Commerce. Commissioner Oliva covered the regulator’s role in grid resiliency and critical infrastructure, which as she emphasized is an important consideration when planning the grid of the future.  The mission of the Illinois Commerce Commission in this regard is to ensure adequate, efficient, reliable, safe, and least-cost public utility services.  Commissioner Oliva highlighted that the state has been set for a resilient grid in Illinois through the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA, 2011) and the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA, 2017) that includes at least 4,300 MW of new solar and wind generation by 2030 and a goal of 25% renewables by June 2025.  To complete her remarks, Commissioner Oliva touched on the timeline for the NextGrid Working Groups, which is the 18-month, consumer-focused Utility of the Future Study.

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