Matt Thibodeau, Vice President, Sargent & Lundy

On May 31, 2018, Chicago Advanced Energy held its stakeholder breakfast at Holland & Knight. The event brought AEG’s stakeholder members together to discuss the topics of Smart Buildings and Grid Modernization.

This installment of the AEG podcast features Matt Thibodeau. The Vice President of Sargent & Lundy informed the group about the current trends in grid modernization from the electric power perspective. The abundance of low priced natural gas and the falling cost of renewables account for 90 percent of the 230 gigawatts of new installed capacity in the last decade, and Mr. Thibodeau shows how this evolution leads to a push towards further digitalization and modernization of the electric grid. He gives examples of their grid modernization initiatives that will lead to less frequent and shorter outages and DER integration, including storm hardening; smart switches, meters, and inverters; energy storage; and distribution automation.

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