Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer, National Grid US – 2.12.18

In this installment of the AEG Podcast, Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer of National Grid US,  joins us to speak about the many initiatives National Grid is working on to enhance service and engagement with customers.  The key themes of this conversation are: (1) new energy technology through National Grid Ventures, (2) the Customer Experience Transformation, (3) big data and analytics for residential customers, (4) building resiliency capabilities through  technology for first responder repair crews, (5) the needed dialogue to enhance energy systems in the Greater Boston Area, and (6) "not leave any customer behind in this clean energy transition".

Sandy Taft, Director of Environmental & Sustainability Policy, is one of the featured discussion leaders at the Boston Advanced Energy stakeholder breakfast on March 15, and will surely be touching on some of the points Terry mentioned around the importance and developments in building resilient energy systems.  National Grid is not alone in this endeavour to build resilient infrastructure in Boston, but many of the diverse stakeholder groups involved are at the table sharing their different perspectives at BAE events.  Terry reflected on the Q4 event in which he was a discussion leader: "That forum is a place where our voice and many other voices can come together and solve some of the biggest problems we are facing" (Video: Highlights from BAE Q4 17 - Mobility and Transportation).

Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer of National Grid US, speaking at the  Boston Advanced Energy Q4 Stakeholder Breakfast

Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer of National Grid US, speaking at the Boston Advanced Energy Q4 Stakeholder Breakfast

When it comes to resilience, National Grid's leadership has been celebrated by the Edison Electric Institute through its Emergency Response Awards.  Terry talks about the new technologies enabling repair crews to take and share images of needed repairs to critical infrastructure as well as the systems that are improving response coordination.

Big data and analytics are now available for residential customers to access real-time feedback on home energy consumption through Sense.  National Grid's New Energy Solutions is providing the mechanisms for technologies like this to gain mainstream awareness and come to market to improve the customer experience and facilitate energy efficiency behavior.

Lastly, Terry proudly shares details of the passion that all of the National Grid employees bring to having an impact on their communities.  A great example of this is the 2018 Energy Efficiency Community Initiative that provides incentive grants of up to $40,000 to Massachusetts communities.  Participants in this program will benefit from National Grid funding and support for implementing energy efficiency outreach in their residential communities.  The ultimate aim of the program is to achieve energy savings through energy assessments and adoption of efficiency measures.


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